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We have just started to introduce Holacracy in our company. I have mixed feelings about this. As attractive it is as a way to coordinate the way we do our work, actually many colleagues are lost since we’ve done away with managers and they are called to step into this seat. The cultural change required seems too big for us. Is this possible ? Are we humanely capable of doing this ? 

Internal self-management change agent

Mid-size industrial company

Since we have shifted to Holacracy, I have a sense that our meetings and interactions are getting cold and mechanical. Have we lost the human dimension altogether ? How can we nurture our relational quality so that, roles aside, the people that energize them feel seen, heard, and connect effectively ?

Former Senior Manager

Public sector

I was a manager, I have built my whole career on this excellence, and now I am asked to step out of this and get out of the way and be more of a facilitator, enabler, inspirer. As hard as it is to drop the professional identity I’ve defined for myself these last 20 years, I love this idea. But how can I really learn to become this ? Can this be learnt at all ?

Former middle manager

Medium services enterprise

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There is a next paradigm of working that is distinct from that which has been ruling the world in the last 200 years.

Learning from existing experiences how this new paradigm makes life at work more light, efficient,, impactful, whole, self-organized, motivating, meaningful, fulfilling.

Systems and practices for making self-management (really) work

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